Welcome to Camden's Community

Hello everybody, Iceshard2003 aka Camden here today, welcoming you to my blog! 😺 This is a safe haven in the corner of the internet that I use to organize all of my crazy creations.
   I'm a creator that likes to write, film, and draw. I constantly sway between hobbies trying to implement my creativity in different productions to see what kinds of differences I can make in people's lives. Whether that difference be a little entertainment, or to help someone out of a dark place. I just want to express my values in a fun and impressive way, and this blog is like a catalog of these things.

What You Can Find I'll be posting a variety of things on this blog. First of all I'll make weekly round-ups of my YouTube videos. These will contain Minecraft Roleplays, occasional vlogs, and video game lets plays. Here's a video to show off what kind of content I'll be posting from my channel:    Literature wise, I'll be writing fan articles discussing my opinions on my fav…